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Instructions - Coffee Urn, Chafing Dish, Champagne Fountain, BBQ

Cotten Candy Machine, Popcorn Machine, Snow Cone, Canopy Tent

Coffe Urn Operating Instructions

Coffee Urn Operating Instructions

1. Fill coffee urn with cold water to desired amount.
2. Add coffee to basket
3. Plug coffee pot into standard electrical outlet.
4. It takes approsimately 1/2 hour to brew coffee in 30 to 60 cup urn, 1 hour in 90 to 100 cup.
5. When coffee is finished brewing remove black basket. The pot will keep the coffee hot inside.
6. Rinse out coffee pot in water when done.

Coffee Quantites on Average

3o Cup 2 1/4 cups of Coffee Grounds
60 Cup 3 1/2 cups of coffee Grounds
100 Cup 6 cups of coffee Grounds




Chafing Dish Instructions

1. Use Sterno type heat only.
2. Put water in bottom metal pan.
3. Never light the burner unit before putting liquid into the water pan.
4. Do not put unit on stove, BBQ, or an open flame.
5. Stainless steel pans can be used for cooking and placed in oven to keep food hot.
6. Chafing Dish should be maintained with an adaquate amount of water at all times.

Cleaning Instructions

Before returning chafing dish WASH food pans. Wash chafing dish in lukewarm water and mild detergent.
Never use harsh abrasives.




Champain Fountain

1. Fill Fountain halfway with the liquid of choice, I.E. champagne, liquor, Juice exc.
2. Make sure hands are dry and plug the unit in.
3. Flip switch on and continue filling the unit until the motor starts pumping.
4. When done empty the liquid and flush with warm water. Let unit run for 5 min.
5. Dump remaining water and dry.
6. Never use harsh abrasives.

Cotten Candy Machine

1 Make sure motor is positioned in the center of the cart and switches are facing
the opening.
2 Plug the machine into a standard electrical outlet.
3 Fill center of machine with approximately one cup or less of sugar.
4 Moisten Whirl Grip (mesh screen) with a damp sponge. This process allows the
floss to adhere to the side of the floss bowl.
5 Turn the motor switch ON and turn the heat switch to MEDIUM.
6 Dampen cone slightly and twirl cone approximately 1 inch away from Whirl Grip.
Do not stop twirling until machine is turned off.
WARNING: Do not put hand close to the center of the machine while operating.
7 Work floss away from the center of machine. You may make several servings,
approximately up to 10 at a time, but will have to stop to allow the machine to
cool to prevent the sugar from burning.
8 Once you have made the servings, you MUST TURN OFF THE HEAT SWITCH
FIRST. This step is crucial to prevent sugar from clogging and burning.
9 Allow machine to cool for a few minutes.
10 When you are ready to make more servings, repeat Steps 5-9.
12 When cool, turn OFF the motor switch.



Pop Corn Machine

Turn all switches to the ON position.
Allow empty kettle to heat 2-3 minutes.
Insert butter package and allow butter to melt.
Add popcorn kernels.
Close lid on kettle.
Keep doors open while popping the popcorn.
While popping final serving of popcorn – as kernels begin



BBQ Grill

.Always use in a well-ventilated area – OUTDOORS
Be sure that all valves on the grill are in the OFF position.
Remove grates from the grill.
Connect propane tank and open valve.
Open regulator valves on the grill slightly.
Light each pilot bar – CAREFULLY!
Replace grates on the grill.
Turn regulator valves on the grill to desired setting.



Snow Cone Machine

Start the motor and fill the gooseneck with ice cubes or block of ice broken
into 3” - 4” pieces. The larger the pieces of ice, the better the snow. Fill to
about an inch from the top.
Push the pusher handle down to press the ice against the cutterhead. A firm, even
pressure is all that is required, but sometimes you will find it better to relieve the
pressure two or three times on the way down. This rearranges the ice and permits
a better bite against the cutter.
DO NOT FORCE THE HANDLE or the motor can stall.
When too much pressure is necessary, relieve the handle, and come down again.
Too much pressure on the pusher handle will make the ice to come out coarse;
too little pressure makes the ice mushy.



Canopy Tent

All Purpose Canopy Instructions