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General Policies and Procedures

Rental Rates: All charges are for one-day usage rental period. Great Lakes Tent does offer extended rates. You are charged for time reserved, not time used. If rental is a customer pick-up, any equipment returned after Date and Time due is subject to additional charges.

Deposits: A minimum deposit of 25% of your total amount is required at time of reservation. This is non-refundable. Equipment / Items reserved may not be cancelled or reduced 30 days from date out; otherwise it is subject to a full charge. Additions can be made at any time as long as the items are available. No order is considered confirmed without deposit; this is the customer’s responsibility.

Delivery Policy: Delivery is a service that is provided on the dollar amount of your order and the location to which it is delivered. Charges are made for this service if minimum and locations are not met. Items are delivered and picked up only to an area a truck can drive to. Delivery does not include set-up or take-down of equipment (with the exception of tents or items specified). Delivered items are to be stacked and ready for pick-up with NO EXCEPTIONS. Failure to break down and stack equipment will result in additional fees starting at $25.00.

Linens: Linens will be delivered at time of equipment delivery. A FULL replacement cost is charged for lost, torn, burned, or wax stained linens. Do not attempt to clean linens yourself as specific treatment is given to our linens. All charges will be applied to customer credit card on file.

Customer Pick-up: We require a valid Michigan driver’s license and a credit card for pick-up from store. All items rented are to be returned the following work day, NO LATER than 1:00pm Sat. or 4 P.M. Mon- Friday or an additional cost will be charged. NO EXCEPTIONS. We may offer to help you the customer load your vehicle however we are not responsible for any damages and your takes responsibility for correctly loading your vehicle. Great Lakes Tent to be held harmless for any and all damages arising from customer pickups.

Loss or Damaged: You the customer are responsible for all equipment rented from time of Delivery until time of return. Please be sure that all rented equipment is secured when not in use, and protected from weather. Equipment loss or damaged will be charged at full replacement cost.

Equipment: It is the customer’s responsibility to check if rented equipment / items are suitable and in working condition. If not, you must notify GREAT LAKES TENT co. at once. The customer/ renter holds Great Lakes Tent co. harmless and not liable for any accidents that may happen on rented equipment. Customer/Renter is responsible for any and all losses, damages and/ or injuries, to real property, persons or otherwise, claimed during or arising out of this rental agreement.
We can be reached for emergencies after hours on the emergency hotline by following the instructions when calling the office. Not reporting missing or damaged equipment at time of delivery can result in full charge to you the customer. Once we are notified of a problem we will rectify IF POSSIBLE as soon as possible.

Weather: Tents are temporary structures designed to handle most weather conditions; however there may be situations that become unsafe. The structure should not be considered safe when severe weather is present or approaching or if a lightning storm is present. If severe weather is present or approaching, we recommend evacuation of the structure, and that all occupants seek shelter in an appropriate location until the storm, severe weather and/or warning has passed. If at any time you or your guests feel unsafe inside the structure for any reason, they should leave the structure immediately.

Hold Harmless: Customer is responsible for all losses, damages and/ or injuries, to real property, persons or otherwise, claimed during or arising out of this rental agreement.

Customers Responsibility: You are responsible to read and understand your contract. We suggest an adult be present for a delivery to specify where equipment is to be placed, contract signature, and payment of any balance owed. If your order contains a tent to be set up you will be responsible for correct measurements and placement. Refunds will not be given for improper measurements. If your event is to take place at a park, marina, ect., it is your responsibility to obtain the permit and assume all charges for our entry and exit. For any reason of re-delivery to your event because of customer lack of responsibility or not present there will be an additional charge.

Great Lakes Tent Co. is not responsible for sprinkler lines, wires or anything underground. Area should be prepped 1-3 days prior to event (lawn mowed, trees trimmed, ect.). It is customer responsibility to call 1-800-miss-dig.



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